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Will I see the playlists before I purchase the placements?

Our databases contain more than 500 playlists with various types of genres. Therefore, we can’t identify the titles of the playlists where your music will be placed before you purchase the bundle. After you submit your payment, we will coordinate the placements of your playlists.

Every song is associated with a different demographic, category or objective. It takes a great deal of work on our part to create the playlist framework before we receive your payment. Sometimes, individuals are unable to finalize the payment or continue the campaign. We cannot perform this level of work without a paid commitment.

Will my song be targeted to specific geographical areas?

We do not target audiences based on their regions. We cannot make any legal guarantees about your music placement, but we typically help our clients receive success by placing importance on the following criteria:
• Lists based on applicable genres for your track
• Dynamic playlists that expand naturally and are streamed frequently
• Slots within the top 20

How can I verify that this service is legitimate?

Our business address, passport number, bank account and PayPal accounts are confirmed. You receive the service that you pay for.

Do you guarantee your program?

We aim to help our clients achieve and surpass their goals. We will provide clients with a complete refund on any package if we cannot fulfill the guaranteed number of playlist placements.

For what period of time will my music remain on on the playlists?

When you sign up for a package, you may select the extent of your preferred placement interval. You can elect a period of one to two months.

Which playlist will my music end up on?

We endeavor to put your music on playlists that best correspond with your genre. This makes the most sense because it allows your music to reach the audience that is most likely to enjoy it. For example, we place acoustic songs on acoustic and similar playlists to help clients receive the most value for their investment.

When will I be put on my first playlist?

It takes approximately one to three days to process your order and place your music on a playlist. If you haven’t received a placement within three days after your order has been processed, please contact us by clicking on this link.

Do you have more questions?

We are happy to help you with any questions or concerns that you may have regarding Spotify playlist marketing. If you have another inquiry or would like us to address anything, please let us know.